Another reason not to pull…

Spot the injury? I came across this case report a few years ago and it’s a cracking example of how to perform a technique incorrectly and then blame the technique for the complication. I guess this is some form of victim blaming if an abstract concept written down as a technique can actually be thought of as a victim. The picture is of a muscular 30 year old orthopaedic resident, who was performing a Kocher’s reduction technique on a 25 year old patient. During external rotation the patient resisted and their forcible internal rotation was stronger than the doc’s pectoralis major tendon, rupturing it from the humeral attachment. The paper goes on to talk about torque during Kocher’s causing humeral shaft fractures in the elderly. Which is true if you completely mis-apply the technique! If you haven’t read the Kocher’s section yet and how it absolutely, absolutely, does not use force then jump to here now. 


…and that was never offside!

As a side note this was in the Christmas 2004 edition of the BMJ and was immediately preceded by an article explaining why football referees get offside calls wrong due to an accurate assessment being beyond the capacity of the human eye. This was the days before VAR (video assisted refereeing) when a wrong decision could forever alter footballing history. Glad technology fixed that then.

the enlocator 9000


Buy now and get the second glove free!

When I moved to Melbourne I worked with a great nurse and now paramedic called Paul Hauserman who thought there must be some way of making money from putting shoulders back in. He came up with the idea of the Enlocator 9000 and dreamed about creating a TV advertorial extolling the virtues of a magic glove for putting shoulders back in, buy the right now, get the left for free, you get the idea. He went so far to come up with an advert and made a glove prototype. 


If the glove fits....

Now if you’ve read any of the rest of this website you’ll know the path to relocation is all about anatomy rather than magic gloves, chairs, soothing music or hard drugs. So, we didn’t make any money and the glove didn’t fit me but if there’s ever an emerging market for magic gloves we are good to go!


He really got ahold of that one!

Paul also had a bespoke pitcher’s mitt made to catch my firstborn son proving his expertise in quality glovewear.

This also didn't fit.